Welcome visitor! Whether you are new to my blog or one of my lovely followers, I am glad you’re here! I don’t know what you’re searching for, but I hope you find it. What are you going to find here on my blog? Well… I’m honestly not sure myself, haha. I’m no professional. I’m just a lost little girl writing from her broken heart. So if you’re looking for the random ramblings of a slightly unstable girl.. Well, then, I suppose you’re in the right place. I write about my life mostly and occasionally post some poems and stories. I just, do what I do, I guess. This welcome may seem unprofessional, but that is the point – this is how I write and I’m not here to pretend to be something I’m not. Anyways, I’ll stop going on and on now and let you explore my page if you still desire. Thank you for stopping by, and as I always wish my readers

Strange Dreams!~



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